I am pleased to announce that Khash Jalili is our new Finance Broker joining the team at Sydney Brokers.

Khash will be responsible for building relationships with our new and existing clients, finding the right solutions to your needs, and continuing to build on Sydney Brokers reputation of trust and reliability.

I had the privilege of hiring and working together with Khash previously at NAB, where Khash was responsible for delivering outstanding customer service, sales, and relationship management. Moreso, Khash has a genuine desire and passion for helping people. Khash had been with NAB for over three years and was successful and a high-achiever in their sales environment, reaching out to customers and proactively addressing their goals, needs and objectives. I’m confident that Khash will take on his new responsibilities with the same (or even more) enthusiasm and professionalism he has shown so far.

Feel free to contact Khash via email at khash@sydneybrokers.net.au or call him directly on 0424 473 257. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have.