Welcome our new Finance Broker – Khash Jalili

I am pleased to announce that Khash Jalili is our new Finance Broker joining the team at Sydney Brokers.

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The Rate Of Value Decline Across The Most Expensive Properties Is Starting To Slow

Over the past year, most capital cities and regional markets have been recording value declines. While values are broadly continuing to fall, the rate of these falls on a monthly…

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How to pay off your home loan faster and save big bucks

Reducing the life of your loan isn’t difficult; there are many simple things you can do to cut years off your mortgage. Here are some tips that will help you be mortgage-free…

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How do you know if you’re getting a good deal from your Lender?

Banks offer a variety of products, and with there being multiple lenders, it can become quite complicated to work out if you’ve got yourself a...

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The Highest Density Living Options In Australia

Australia is moving through the peak of an unprecedented boom in apartment construction.  Over the twelve months ending March 2018 there were...

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Australia’s Housing Correction Marks Its Twelve Month Anniversary With Values Down 2.7% Since Peaking In September Last Year

The CoreLogic September home value index results released today reported that half of Australia’s capital cities saw values track lower over the past twelve months. The remaining…

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From Boom To Doom…But Is It Really That Bad?

It should come as no surprise that some commentators are forecasting a substantial reduction in dwelling values. We saw similar forecasts during previous downturns from the likes…

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Real Dwelling Value Changes

With dwelling values now declining across the nation, in this week’s Property Pulse we take a look at inflation-adjusted (or real) dwelling value changes to the June 2018……

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What Have Periods of Decline Looked Like Over Recent Years and How Long Have Markets Taken to Recover?

A noticeable trend across most downturns in most cities is that the period in which values decline is generally a lot longer than the period from the maximum decline to the return…

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When would I refinance my mortgage?

The average period of a home loan in Australia is now 4-5 years. Here are some of the reasons why you may decide to refinance your mortgage.

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