Early Signs Of An Improvement In Housing Markets

Over the three months to July 2019, national dwelling values have continued to decline, falling by -0.5% however, the monthly rate of decline has been slowing right throughout…

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National Dwelling Values Record First Rise Since October 2017

The recovery in housing values accelerated in August 2019 with national dwelling values increasing by 0.8% over the month. The lift in housing values through August was…

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Despite Falling Dwelling Values Over The Past Year, There’s Been No Noticeable Rise In Sales Under $400,000

Throughout the 2018-19 financial year, 26.0% of all houses sold nationally were under $400,000 and 32.5% of all unit sales were under $400,000. Despite the weakening housing…

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Housing Total Returns Slump Over The 2018-19 Financial Year

Over the 2018-19 financial year, total returns from residential property recorded a fall of -3.3%. Returns were down from the previous year and it was the only financial year…

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Capital City Auction Markets Record The Highest Preliminary Clearance Rate In Over A Year, Reaching 70.6 Percent

Sydney recorded a preliminary clearance rate of 81.5 per cent across 303 auctions this week. It is likely that the final clearance rate will...

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Welcome our new Finance Broker – Khash Jalili

I am pleased to announce that Khash Jalili is our new Finance Broker joining the team at Sydney Brokers.

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The Rate Of Value Decline Across The Most Expensive Properties Is Starting To Slow

Over the past year, most capital cities and regional markets have been recording value declines. While values are broadly continuing to fall, the rate of these falls on a monthly…

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How to pay off your home loan faster and save big bucks

Reducing the life of your loan isn’t difficult; there are many simple things you can do to cut years off your mortgage. Here are some tips that will help you be mortgage-free…

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How do you know if you’re getting a good deal from your Lender?

Banks offer a variety of products, and with there being multiple lenders, it can become quite complicated to work out if you’ve got yourself a...

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The Highest Density Living Options In Australia

Australia is moving through the peak of an unprecedented boom in apartment construction.  Over the twelve months ending March 2018 there were...

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