First Home Buyers

If you’re looking for a home loan to buy your first home and officially become a homeowner, Sydney Brokers is here to assist you. We have helped many First Home Buyers get into the property market and move into their dream home.

We manage the process for you, and best of all, our fee is paid by the lender. This means no cost to you!

We understand that navigating the world of mortgages and interest rates can be seriously daunting. We also know about all the terms and conditions lenders can throw at you. Don’t panic. With our services, you benefit from constant support in finding the right mortgage to buy your first home!

    Support for First Home Buyers

    The Australian government provides a number of assistance schemes and opportunities, helping people across different states and territories as they purchase their first home.

    If you’re looking to purchase your first home in NSW, you may be eligible for the first home owner grant (FHOG).

    The FHOG is a government initiative that can save you $10,000 when you either buy or build your first home. Eligible first home buyers can receive the grant if they purchase a new home up to $600,000. The best part about this government initiative is that you can use these funds for the deposit to fund your home or to cover some of the fees and costs of the loan, such as lenders mortgage insurance.

    Full or partial stamp duty exemptions may also be available to you when you buy your first home in Australia. The value of the home must not exceed $1,000,000, and the applicant must be over 18 years old and meet other specific requirements.

    Applying for Your First Mortgage

    Finding the right lender can be a difficult process and goes far beyond simply analysing lender interest rates and reputation, this is where Mortgage brokers are essential. Brokers help first-time homebuyers to conduct proper research. They draw upon their client’s specific circumstances and find the right lender and mortgage for their objectives and their financial situation.

    Here’s what to expect when you partner with the team at Sydney Brokers:

    • Initial meeting – We discuss your needs with you, establishing the kind of home you want to buy, your preferable loan amount, and the financial objectives that help us refine our search.
    • Finding the right loan – We’ll research a wide range of home loan options and lender policies to find the loan to suit your needs. We then present you with the options we believe are in your best interests and guide you through all of them with care. Our aim is to give you the understanding you need to make the right choice.
    • Apply for the loan – Once the right loan is identified, we will complete the application process with the lender and assist you in getting your home loan pre-approval.
    • Loan approval and settlement – Sydney Brokers will guide you through the rest of the settlement process and work with your Conveyancer or Solicitor to ensure a smooth settlement experience.
    • Post Settlement – This is not the end of the relationship. We are with you for the long haul and work with you well into the future to ensure your loan remains competitive and to help you reduce your debt as quickly as possible. We provide assistance across your entire financial journey, including Car Loans and future Investment Loans.

    Why Work with Sydney Brokers?

    Simply put, working with us means you can buy your first home sooner! The Sydney Brokers team is here to help First Home Buyers access the right mortgage — one that supports their financial goals.

    We are a fully licensed team with close links to 21 different lenders and provide access to over 2,000 loan options. You can rely on our hands-on experience as we make your search that much easier. Navigating the world of home loans has never been so straightforward!

    With Sydney Brokers, you’ll get:

    • Expert support and guidance every step of the way
    • A team ready to do the heavy lifting, putting your loan application together for you
    • A friendly team of mortgage brokers with years of hands-on experience in the business
    • Personalised solutions for your specific financial needs
    • An ‘insider’ perspective into the world of home loans

    If you’re looking to buy your first home but are overwhelmed by how mortgages work or how to find the right lender, we’re here to help.

    You don’t have to go through this process alone. Put the Sydney Brokers team in your corner for this exciting journey.

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