Vehicle & Equipment Loans

Does your business rely on vehicles and equipment assets to generate income? Are you getting the right return on your investment?

Many businesses use cash to purchase business-critical equipment and to secure reliable income. This means capital is tied up in your equipment assets — capital that you could be using to expand your business.

What’s the solution? Find another way to fund equipment and vehicle purchases with Sydney Brokers.

You can trust the Sydney Brokers team to find you the competitive lending arrangements you need for vehicle and equipment finance. With us, you can grow your business for now and for the future, releasing that all-important capital. We’re here to support your success.

    What Is Equipment Finance?

    Equipment finance refers to any funding product you engage to purchase an equipment or vehicle asset for your business. However, within this broad category, there are many different types of funding products to choose from. Here are a few of the financing options we can broker for our clients:

    • Chattel mortgage – A chattel mortgage works in a similar way to a standard mortgage, but it is used as vehicle finance or to fund a movable asset rather than a structure.
    • Novated lease – A novated lease is a tax-efficient way to finance the purchase of an asset and grow your business’s revenue.
    • Finance lease – With a car finance lease, you effectively become the owner of the car and pay the loan amount back to the provider. Other types of equipment can also be attained on a finance lease.
    • Commercial hire purchase – With commercial hire purchase, you are effectively hiring a piece of equipment or a vehicle asset from a provider while you pay back the loan amount — equal to the value of the asset, plus the variable or fixed rate interest.
    • Consumer loan – A consumer loan is a more general financing product. We can help you with the terms, fees and charges that come with this kind of loan. It can be difficult to acquire a customer loan with bad credit, but we can help you find an option that suits you.

    Types of Vehicles and Equipment You Can Finance

    Commercial Equipment

    Any equipment you need to run your business will be classed as commercial equipment. Building equipment infrastructure is a common objective for businesses we work with, and we help these organisations find the finance products they need.

    Light Commercial Vehicles

    Light commercial vehicles, or LCVs, are frequently seen on the roads and highways of Australia. It is these vehicles that keep Australian businesses running, and our team can assist you as you get the secured car loan or other funding you need to build your fleet.

    Other Motor Vehicles

    The modern commercial fleet extends far beyond LCVs, from earthmoving engines and short-range electrical vehicles to the tractors used in agriculture, and everything in between. To grow your vehicle assets, you need the right kind of car and truck finance products, with a monthly repayment structure to suit you.

    Construction Plant

    Construction projects require highly specialised equipment. What’s more, this equipment needs to be tough and durable enough to stand up to daily usage. Our team can assist you as you find equipment finance products that cover these requirements.

    Manufacturing Equipment

    Upgrade your manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain equipment with specialised machinery finance products. Reach out to Sydney Brokers to discover how you can achieve this without resorting to upfront capital.

    Advantages to Vehicle & Equipment Finance

    There are a number of advantages to this type of business finance. Let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial to your organisation.

    Upgrading Or Replacing Vehicles & Equipment Becomes Easy

    When you need to upgrade vehicles and equipment, but you do not have the available funds, it can be a frustrating situation and an obstacle to growth. With the right finance broker, you will be able to achieve the upgrades you need to push your business to the next level without eliminating capital reserves.

    Repayments To Suit Your Cash Flow

    By comparing loans and analysing repayment structures, you can find the right option for your ongoing needs. This means finding a repayment structure that suits your cash flow, securing a finance solution that you can easily service in the long term. Equipment or car finance loan repayments shouldn't be a burden you can't handle — utilise interest rate and loan calculator tools to make sure this is the case

    Some Repayments May Be Tax-deductible

    You might find that you are able to claim back some of your loan repayments against tax. If you are taking out a loan for a specific type of truck or piece of equipment — one that is directly tied to your business operations, for instance — this will be classed as a business expense. With this in mind, you can reduce your tax burden when you purchase a truck or another asset your business really needs.

    Why Work with Sydney Brokers?

    Vehicle and equipment finance can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. But don’t be disheartened. Simply call upon Sydney Brokers and let us assist you, finding you the best option for your personal or business requirements. We understand the lending market for these products. What’s more, our team members are drawn from the construction industry, giving us sound knowledge of the application process and the skills required to get the deal across the line.

    At Sydney Brokers, we call upon industry-leading tech solutions as we compare and evaluate your financial situation and ongoing needs. Leverage our assistance, and grow your business faster!

    With Sydney Brokers, you’ll get:

    • Expert support and guidance every step of the way
    • An effective service, handling the heavy lifting involved in putting your loan application together
    • Warmth and courtesy from our friendly team of mortgage brokers, with years of hands-on experience in the business
    • A set of personalised solutions, tailored for your specific financial needs
    • The advantage of an Insider’s perspective into the world of vehicle and equipment loans

    Don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch today and let us show you exactly why you will never need another broker! Reach out to our team.

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