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Sydney Brokers are here to support you through your investment portfolio growth, optimising your position and helping you to leverage the very best from your investments whether it is a personal or corporate investment or acquisition.

Investing in your future is critical, and property is a popular vehicle for achieving this. You just need a long-term plan and view, as well as expert guidance. Whether you’re planning to create wealth through property, shares or managed investments, Sydney Brokers can work with you, your accountant, and financial advisers to ensure you have the lending solutions that meet your investment needs perfectly.

Investment loans are a complex area of lending. Lenders need to consider your personal financial position and your future ability to meet the servicing of the loan, and then factor these into their decision.

    The Benefits of Property Investing

    Residential property investment is a popular choice for Australians looking to develop their portfolios. There are a number of benefits to this, including the following:

    Investing in property is a tried and tested course for Australian investors. While there are no guarantees in any market, the performances of property values in Australia make this kind of investment more reliable than other types. This can prove highly lucrative in growing your wealth for the future, provided you adopt the right strategy and utilise the right loan products to fund your investment.

    Property investors can leverage even greater returns by renting out the properties they acquire for their portfolio. This means the property will continue to appreciate in value, representing a sound investment, while generating a more immediate income.

    As your investment builds in value — and as you achieve other income streams as a result, such as the commercial and residential rental incomes listed above — you could find that the mortgage fees and charges are covered. Bear in mind that there will be other charges associated with this type of loan, as well as just the principal and interest. For example, you may need to pay lenders mortgage insurance, or LMI, which will be added to your costs.

    If you add a negative geared property to your investment portfolio, you could secure significant tax advantages as a result. Negative gearing occurs when your investment results in a loss that is eligible as a tax deduction. With the right strategy, and with the right advice on your side, you can turn this to your advantage.

    There are many different types of home loans out there. You may be best suited for a principal and interest home loan, an interest only loan, or a different kind of investment property loan with fixed or variable interest rates. The key is recognising the right loan product for your purposes. We can help you here, with an honest and transparent process that gives you the options you need for your investment property.

    Releasing Equity in Your Home

    As you pay off the principal on a commercial or residential property investment, you are building equity. This is the amount of capital that you have already paid for — or the portion of the property value that is yours. However, this capital is tied up in the property and can generally not be leveraged until the loan is fully paid off and the property can be sold.

    However, with refinancing, you can release this equity. We specialise in helping investors just like you to free up equity in their homes and in other properties. Discuss your situation with a financial advisor or accountant to make sure that refinancing and equity release is the right strategy for your circumstances.

    Finding your Investment Loan

    We at Sydney Brokers have a vast amount of experience dealing with investment loans for our clients, from releasing equity for the purchase of some shares or property or for going into a development to generate wealth. The terms of your loan will depend upon the risk profile you represent for lenders, which is why we work with a number of different loan providers, including specialist lenders, to ensure that you can find the right option for your circumstances.

    We can work with you and your tax agent in order to deliver the most appropriate loan for you — a loan that meets your financial needs. This includes analysing the loan structure and examining repayments and loan terms, giving you a platform for further future investments.

    At Sydney Brokers, we can help you find the best investment home loan for your financial strategy.

    Finding the right lender involves a lot more than simply looking at their interest rates and reputation. Mortgage brokers help in assisting our investors to conduct proper research and find the right lender and mortgage that suits their objectives and financial situation.

    We will guide you through the application process, explaining the best type of home loans for you, and guiding you through the home loan rates and best features that will suit your needs. We execute this with transparency and honesty at every turn so you are left with a selection of suitable options you can rely on.

    Why Work with Sydney Brokers?

    The Sydney Brokers team is here to help you access the right investment loans. These are loans that support your financial requirements rather than hinder them. We will do the legwork of identifying and analysing different loan options, working with our panel of lenders to ensure you are able to find what you need. Our aim is to deliver you the options you need in light of your financial situation, and to help you keep your investment costs as low as possible.

    We are a fully licensed team with a long history of helping investors just like you in Australia. We have established close links with 21 different lenders and can provide you with access to over 2,000 loan options. You can rely on our hands-on experience, as we provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to navigate the world of Investment Loans!

    With Sydney Brokers, you’ll get:

    • Expert support and guidance every step of the way
    • A hassle-free experience, as we do the heavy lifting involved in putting your loan application together
    • Access to a friendly team of mortgage brokers with years of hands-on experience in the business
    • Personalised solutions tailored to your specific financial needs
    • A valuable ‘insider’ perspective into the world of Investment loans

    Don’t just take our word for it. Reach out to us today and let us show you why you will never need another broker!

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