Explainer: Home Loan Pre-Approval


Purchasing a home is an exciting period, especially for first home buyers. Pre-approval for the property may seem like a daunting experience, and there may be some questions that spring to mind. When do you need to get pre-approval? How long does it last? And what is involved?

A pre-approval is the lender’s assessment of your ability to service (repay) the home loan which determines the likelihood of the loan being approved for a suitable loan. This assessment is based on calculating your living expenses, liabilities, credit history, employment and how often you’ve moved addresses or jobs previously.

Uncertainties can arise since pre-approval is performed before the property is chosen and does not take into consideration the specifics of a particular property and the valuation. However, pre-approval gives buyers an understanding of how much they can borrow before attending auctions and open homes. A pre-approval allows borrowers to feel reassured knowing that the lender has assessed their application to ensure it aligns with their policies.

Usually, pre-approval is in place for up to 90 days, although this depends on the lender. If it takes longer than 90 days for the borrower to find a property, the lender can renew to pre-approval to allow more time. While pre-approval allows the borrower to take comfort in knowing the bank has looked at their application, it is not a guaranteed loan. Instead, it is the lender distinguishing how much they expect to lend to you. This may change on your final application.

There are a few factors that could impact your final application which includes if your circumstances have changed after you have received pre-approval. Lenders’ will check if there are any new debts, such as another credit card, car lease or any other liability that could affect income and serviceability.

Additionally, the pre-approval is conditional based on the property valuation. If the bank deems the property is not a marketable asset, they may not approve the loan. The bank will use the valuation to check if the property is readily saleable and to ensure that the security is acceptable.

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