Steps to buying an investment property


Step 1: Speak to a finance broker

If purchasing an investment property is something you’re considering, you should get in contact with your finance broker to discuss your options. Your finance broker will determine what is best for you by reviewing your assets and liabilities which will aid you in discovering how much you can borrow which will give you a target price range. Ultimately, your finance broker will guide you down the right path to help you achieve your investment property goals.

Step 2: Budgeting

Just like any other large purchase, when buying an investment property, preparing a budget and sticking to it is fundamental. There are plenty of budget calculators accessible online. Additionally, your best option would be to speak with a finance broker; they can help down the right track.

Step 3: Important conversations

Your finance broker will discuss your goals and your current and future situation with you to discover your borrowing capacity. Your finance brokers will produce you with some legal documentation which will begin the lending process and will help distinguish what loan product will be best suited to your needs.

If purchasing an investment property is something you want to achieve, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.