Have you ever wondered what it takes to own a property in the top two percent of the market?  Nationally, you’ve made it into the 98th percentile if you own a house worth at least $2.16 million (roughly $1.6 million above the national median house value) or a unit worth $1.43 million (about $930k higher than the national median unit value) or higher.

Although the national entry point to the top 2% club looks extremely high for most of us, the national figure is skewed higher by Sydney and Melbourne where housing values are much higher.

A 98th percentile house would set you back at least $3.21 million in Sydney ($2.3 million above the median) and $2.53 million in Melbourne ($1.8 million above the median), while in more affordable areas such as regional South Australia, the top 2% of the market is a much lower $553,790.

Darwin is the only capital city where the 98th percentile for a house is less than $1 million, at $878,100, while across the regional areas of each state, every area apart from Regional NSW and Regional Qld, shows a 98th percentile lower than $1 million.
The top two percent of the market is lower for units, with every capital city except Sydney and Melbourne showing a 98th percentile below $1 million.

Sydney’s 98th percentile unit value was $1.88 million in September ($1.17 million above the median) and Melbourne’s 98th percentile unit value was $1.20 million ($651k above the median).

But what if being a national or city wide two percenter isn’t quite enough?  

Across New South Wales the municipality with the highest 98th percentile is Woollahra at $8.16 million, followed by Mosman ($7.79 million) and North Sydney ($6.04 million).  Outside of Sydney, the Byron Shire has the highest 98th percentile house value at $1.8 million.
In Victoria, the Stonnington council has the most exclusive 2% of houses with a 98th percentile of $6.88 million, followed by Melbourne ($3.94 million) then Boroondara ($3.90 million).  Across the regional parts of the state, the Surf Coast has the highest 98th percentile value at $1.33 million.

In Queensland, the highest 98th percentile house value can be found at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, tracking at $1.87 million in September, followed by Brisbane ($1.52 million) and Gold Coast ($1.33 million).  Outside of South East Queensland, the highest 98th percentile house value can be found at Douglas (north of Cairns) at $9.43 million.

South Australia’s Burnside council shows the highest 98th percentile at $1.66 million, with Unley ($1.66 million) and Walkerville ($1.55 million) taking up the second and third positions. Across the regional areas of the state the council of Yankalilla tops the 98th percentile at $708k.

Western Australia’s most expensive municipalities all show a 98th percentile for houses above $3 million, led by Peppermint Grove at $3.82 million and followed by Cottesloe ($3.35 million) and Nedlands ($3.11 million).  Although housing values have dropped by more than 20% across Perth, these three areas remain in the national top 20 for the highest 98th percentile house value.  Outside of Perth, the highest 98th percentiles are at Busselton as well as Augusta-Margaret River, both at $1.4 million.

Across Tasmania, the only municipality with a 98th percentile house value over $1 million is Hobart, at $1.25 million.  Kingborough ($874k) and Clarence ($816k) round out the top 3.  Outside of Hobart, the Huon Valley council area tops the 98th percentile at $667k.

Across the Northern Territory, Alice Springs tops the 98th percentile rankings at $961k, followed by Darwin at $953k.

View the Council Area Tables for the 98th percentile across council regions nationally.

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Written by CoreLogic – Tim Lawless, 24 Oct 2019